Trouble paying your electricity bill? St. Thomas Energy is here to help

To better assist our customers, we are offering some helpful tips and tools to manage electricity bills.

Providing Ontarians with a safe and reliable supply of electricity is our number one priority, but effectively delivering on that promise depends on predictable customer payments. Local utilities also bill for much more than electricity delivery – some of the cost is actually for a province-wide infrastructure that brings electricity to the customer. About one quarter of the bill covers the local utility’s cost to deliver power to their communities. The rest of the bill is for the provincial system. Those costs, regardless of whether customers pay their bills, still must be paid.

Letting debt accumulate affects all customers – not just those behind on their bills – as local utilities are left on the hook to cover those unpaid costs. It can lead to higher bills for everyone or delayed system upgrades that potentially impact quality of service. That is why following these tips can help those who struggle to catch up on their bill payments.

1. Know your options. Custom payment arrangements and conservation programs are just some of the ways local utilities can help you.

2. Avoid accumulating debt, preserve your credit rating and your peace of mind by calling to set up a payment plan that works within your budget and helps you stay on top of your bill.

3. Ask about assistance programs that you may qualify for, such as the Ontario Electricity Support Program and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program.

4. Remember that the official notice you may receive is sent to encourage you to take action or call the utility for help when a payment is overdue.

5. 10 days’ notice will be provided before disconnecting a customer’s service. If the customer does not take action, St. Thomas Energy Inc. is required to reach out again at least 48 hours before disconnection to give the customer one more chance to respond.

6. Know your rights and responsibilities. Read the Ontario Energy Board’s customer service rules for more details on the payment and disconnection process.

St. Thomas Energy Inc. works very hard to avoid disconnections. It’s the absolute last resort, considered only when all other options have been exhausted. We offer the following payment options:

•             Pre-Authorized Payment

•             Telephone or Internet Banking

•             Visa or MasterCard Payment

•             Payments may be made at most chartered banks and financial institutes in Canada

•             Payments can be mailed or dropped in the 24 hour depository mail slot

•             Front Counter Service

*Equal Payment Plans are available as well for customers who wish to enjoy the benefits of knowing what their monthly payments are and make budgeting for electricity easier!

For any questions or concerns, contact Customer Service at 519-631-5550, by email at or visit our website at