Time of Use

Energy conservation is always the best way to help manage your electricity costs. And Time of Use helps you save on rates. It offers the opportunity to take advantage of lower rates during off-peak periods. For example, doing your laundry after 7 pm or on weekends means you'll pay the lowest rate.

Current rates per kilowatt hour*

6.5¢ Off-peak9.5¢ Mid-peak13.2¢ On-peak *Prices effective July 1st, 2017.
current rate summer weekdays Summer Weekdays The highest energy prices occur over the afternoon, largely due to greater air-conditioning use. That’s why the on-peak rate is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
current rate winter weekdays Winter Weekdays Energy prices peak twice—in the early morning and in the evening—mainly due to space heating, plus increased lighting and appliance use.
current rate weekends and statutory holidays Weekends & Statutory Holidays Demand and electricity prices are lower on weekends and statutory holidays—as well as overnight—so these periods are all off-peak, both Summer and Winter.

To see the difference shifting to Time-of-Use rates can make to your bill, check out the IESO's (Independent Electricity System Operator) Smart House. Time-of-Use rates & periods are published and set by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). Please visit the OEB's website for current pricing.