Electricity Rates

Image opf a worker performing construction tasksThe details on the current electricity usage charges, delivery charges, regulatory charges and other charges are listed in the Tariff (Schedule) of Rates & Charges, July 1st, 2017 (click to download PDF). Time-of-use rates are set and published by the Ontario Energy Board. Interest at 1.5% will be applied to the outstanding balance if payment is made after the due date. Metered electricity usage is adjusted through the use of a total loss factor (TLF) to account for losses realized for electricity delivered to and in the St. Thomas Energy Inc. distribution system.

Understanding Global Adjustment

More information and Q & A about Global Adjustment (click here to download PDF)

Municipal Water & Sewer Rates

Your St. Thomas Energy Inc. bill may include municipal water and sewer billing. For water and sewer billing inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Centre at 519 631-5550 or contact@sttenergy.com. For all other water & sewer inquiries, please contact the water department of your municipality: City of St. Thomas Environmental Services Department 519 631-1680 x4221 or www.city.st-thomas.on.ca Municipality of Central Elgin 519 631-4860 or www.centralelgin.org

Sentinel Lights

Your bill also may include charges for sentinel light rentals. This service is provided by Ascent. For more information, call the St. Thomas Energy Inc. Operations Department at 519 631-0311.